Project Graduation History

Project Graduation emerged in the Oxford Hills area (Paris/Norway) of Maine, in 1980, the result of community energies empowered through a state initiative. It has long since been recognized as a prototype for the nation, helping to protect the lives of graduating seniors in all states.  Many high schools across the country now offer a safe post graduation party as an alternative to other parties that may offer alcohol and drugs.

The primary aims of Project Graduation activities are to increase awareness of the dangers of drinking, drugging and driving and to reduce the number of youth involved in alcohol and other drug-related highway crashes. Across the country, Project Graduation and the chemical-free celebrations it inspired are the new traditions for graduating seniors. In Perspectives in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Project Graduation- Maine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observed that “Project Graduation has become much more than an event that occurs on graduation night. It is a community wide planning process that strives to create a caring, supportive environment and more open communication between youths and adults.”

All school related functions are supposed to be chemical free, but what makes Project Graduation different is the attitude of the students. They have made a conscious decision to enjoy their graduation night without alcohol or other drugs. And no other group, including parents and school personnel, can make that decision for students.


Graduation Day June 1, 2019

Thanks for joining us! Statistics show (and history has proven) that graduation night is one of the deadliest for kids drinking and driving. High schools across the USA celebrate project graduation with the same common goal: keep our kids safe after graduation.

Project Graduation is a safe, alcohol-free and drug-free senior class party! Project Graduation is run 100% by volunteer parents of graduating seniors and funded 100% by donations and contributions. Our goal is to raise money throughout the year so every graduating senior who registers by the deadline can attend the party for free.

Our mission is to raise money to fund an alcohol-free, drug-free post-graduation party for the 2019 graduating students of Rouse High School.

Project Graduation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. It is organized and managed by the Rouse High School Project Graduation Committee. The committee is made up of parents of seniors in the 2019 graduating class and two RHS administrators.  Each year a new committee is formed, a board is appointed and a fundraising effort funds are raised on behalf of the senior class.

Project Graduation is not a part of Rouse High School nor the Leander Independent School District. While we operate with the full support and approval of the administration and district, neither Rouse High School nor Leander Independent School District is responsible for the organization, content of this website or the content of links external to this website.