About Project Graduation 2019

Statistics show (and history has proven) that graduation night is one of the deadliest for kids drinking and driving. High schools across the USA celebrate project graduation with the same common goal: keep our kids safe after graduation.

Project Graduation provides our graduating seniors with the option to attend a safe, alcohol-free and drug-free post graduation party! Project Graduation is 100% staffed by volunteer parents of graduating seniors and 100% of the funding comes from donations and contributions from the community that supports Rouse High School. The goal is to raise money throughout the year so every graduating senior who registers by the deadline can attend the party for free.

Project Graduation is operated as a non-profit charity and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It is organized and managed by the Rouse High School Project Graduation Committee. The committee is made up of volunteer parents of seniors in the current graduating class and two RHS administrators. Each year a new committee is formed, a board is appointed and funds are raised on behalf of the senior class.

Project Graduation is not a part of Rouse High School nor the Leander Independent School District. While Project Graduation operates with the full support and approval of the administration and district, neither Rouse High School nor Leander Independent School District is responsible for the organization, content of this website or the content of links external to this website.